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Release: August 12, 2008
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ATHLETICS HALL OF FAME NOMINATION FORM: The Athletics Hall of Fame Committee is always accepting nominations- cutoff for the 2015 Class consideration is April 14, 2015
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The mission of the Hall of Fame is to honor alumni and other members of the Monmouth University family who have contributed significantly to the development and success of the University’s intercollegiate athletic program.


The objective of the Hall of Fame is to recognize, honor, and perpetuate the achievements of those members of the Monmouth University family who have made outstanding contributions to Monmouth University athletics and have helped to bring recognition, honor, distinction, and excellence to Monmouth University and its athletic program.

The Monmouth Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2015 induction ceremony will be held on Saturday, December 12 at 6:30 p.m. in Wilson Hall. Dinner tickets are 105 per person and you can call University Engagement at 732-571-3489 or click on the link below to make reservations.


Online Registration Form (Not for inductees, only for guests):


Class of 2015: [Official Press Release]

Jennifer Egan Bjorndal '97 [Softball, Tennis]
Robert Alexander Blackwell Jr. '92 [Basketball]
Jason Gmitter '98 [Football]
Hugh MacDonald '07 [Soccer]
Tisifenee Taylor '07 [Track & Field]


Team of Distinction
1995-96 Men's Basketball Team


CLASS OF 2014:  [Official Press Release]
Gary Carter '83 [Basketball]
Ellen Caruso Garland '86 [Tennis]
Kelly Monahan Pearson '02 [Field Hockey]
Barry Nathanson '69 [Soccer/Tennis]
Mel Ullmeyer '79 [Cross Country/Track & Field]


Team of Distinction
1974 Men's and Women's Swimming Teams

CLASS OF 2013:  [Official Press Release]
Jim Adams '92 [Soccer]
Corey Albano '97 [Basketball]
Heather Bryan Capuzzi '01 [Lacrosse]
Jason Law '02 [Baseball]
Kimberly Lyall Flynn '02 & '04 [Softball]
Dan Sabella '98 [Football]

Team of Distinction
1982-83 Women's Basketball Team

CLASS OF 2012:
[Official Press Release]

John Blair '81 [Basketball]
Deborah Renz Farrell '76 [Swimming]
Edward Hendricks '87 [Track & Field and Cross Country]
James McIntyre '72 [Basketball]
Dawn Marino Smith '95 [Softball]
Amy DeValue Stainton ’96 [Soccer]

CLASS OF 2011: [Official Press Release]

Lacy Johnson '01 [Track & Field]
Joni Kallioinen '92 [Soccer]
Patrice Murray '82, '89 [All-Around Athlete]
Will Puentes '79 [Basketball and Baseball]
Ellen Brennan Schum '88 [Basketball and Cross Country]
Joseph Sentipal '04 [Football]

CLASS OF 2010:
 [Official Press Release] 
Ricardo Langre Castellanos '95 [Tennis]
Cindy Hook Chandler '83 [Basketball]
John Giraldo '96 [Basketball]
Jonathan Kalnas '02 [Track & Field]
Danae Stillitano Pesce '00 [Softball]
Robert Sprague '70 [Baseball]

CLASS OF 2009:
 [Official Press Release]
Godfrey "Buzz" Buzzelli '58-99 [Coach/Administration]
Cheryl Goerke Criscuolo '82 [Swimming]
Jeannette Goepfert Mason '92 [Soccer]
Joseph McCullough '98 [Baseball]
Michelle Allen Moss '88 [Basketball]
Donald Wiley '80 [Basketball]

CLASS OF 2008:  [Official Press Release] 
Dr. Greg Borduik '79 [Cross Country and Track & Field]
John Haas '70 [Basketball]
William Kiss '77 [Swimming]
Joan Martin [Coach, Administration]
Barbara Paterno Clark '80 [Basketball, Volleyball and Softball]
William Terry '77 [Basketball]

CLASS OF 2007:
 [Official Press Release] 
Wendy Boglioli [Swimming]
Edward Halicki '72 [Baseball and Basketball]

James LaRusso '70 [Baseball]

Christie Pearce Rampone '97 [Soccer]
Abraham Schwartz [Basketball & Baseball Coach]

Richard Steadman [Swimming/Diving/Water Polo Coach]

CLASS OF 1984:

Bruce Beckman '62 [Basketball]
William Dolan ’63 [Baseball]

Robert Thaler ’66 [Tennis]
Clarence W. Withey [Vice President of Business Affairs (Monmouth College)]

CLASS OF 1981:

William Boylan [Basketball Coach-Director of Athletics]

Allan Frederick ’73 [Diving]

Ron Kornegay ’69 [Basketball]

Dorothy McCrea ’73 [All Around Athlete]

Walter Mischler ’62 [Basketball]

Mrs. Ann Nowick [Contributions to Athletics Benefactor]

Susan Steadman LeGlise ’69 [Diving]

Ken Tillman ’71 [Swimming]

Dr. William G. Van Note [President Emeritus-Benefactor]

August Zilincar III ’69 [Track & Field]

*Previously called the Monmouth College Athletic Hall of Fame (1981 and 1984)

Tremendous thanks to Jim Reme, Ralph Binder and Monmouth University for photographs

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Peter Bruckmann '70 * Ryan Campbell '05 * Judy Cerciello '96 * Marti Egger '81 *

Jim Erhardt '93, '95, '05  * William Kiss '77 * Laura MacDonald '10 * Dorothy Mahoney '84 * Joan Martin * Marilyn McNeil * Patrice Murray '82, '89 - Committee Chair *
Eddy Occhipinti '06, '09 * Jon Roos * Joe Sentipal '03 * Greg Viscomi * Jack Wagner '97

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