Mission Statement:  It is the intention of the Peer Leader Program to act as role models and set a standard of excellence that is defined by the Student-Athlete Code of Conduct.  Our objective is to create a peer to peer athlete program that will impart upon student-athletes knowledge and education while providing the resources to maintain a safe environment.  We will act as a gateway between student-athletes and the administration, resulting in the best possible atmosphere at Monmouth University.

Definition: In conjunction with the creation of the Athletic Department Alcohol and Other Drug Education Program our Peer Leadership Program was developed.  Peer Leaders are student-athletes who have been educated with the resources necessary to advise their fellow teammates in a time of need.  The Peer Leaders are not always captains, however they are responsible individuals that are trained to make the correct decisions and set an example for appropriate conduct.  They know the resources available within the athletic department and on campus to resolve difficult situations.  Peer Leaders are typically selected by their head coach or upperclassmen, but volunteers are also welcome.