The Hawk Mascot

The Press Club at Monmouth College held a student campaign in 1939 to pick an athletic nickname. A long list of entrants was cut to 15; suggestions included the Bearcats, Bees, Bisons, Commuters, Orange Fliers, Trojans, MaJiCians, EmJaCees, and Nighthawks. Through a ballot, students nominated Nighthawks, EmJaCees, and MaJiCians. Monmouth athletic teams became Nighthawks by a margin of six votes. When the school entered into daytime ranks in 1956, the name was shortened to Hawks. The Hawk mascot and logo received a makeover in 2003. With school spirit at an all-time high, Monmouth’s updated Hawk contributes to the excitement, giving fans a sense of pride and another reason to support athletics.