Intramurals Guidelines

The following rules and procedures are intended to promote fair and orderly competition for participants in the Intramural Program. These general guidelines will be supplemented by additional regulations that will be specific to each activity. Any of these rules are subject to change at the discretion of the director of Intramurals and Recreation. The director also reserves the right to issue any new regulations that are considered essential for the success of the total program.

1. Entry forms

· Entry forms are available for all activities and events offered by the Office of Intramurals and Recreation.

2. Eligibility

· Players must be active students, administrators, or faculty or staff members.

· Recruited varsity athletes can not participate in their own sport.

3. Rosters

· All rosters must be completed in full, which includes an acceptable team name, player names, student ID numbers or social security numbers, and captain’s e-mail address.

4. A captain’s meeting will be held before each season to discuss rules, schedules, and other information that is relevant to that particular activity.

5. All participants shall be required to bring their Monmouth University student or staff ID card to ALL GAMES. Players who cannot provide proper identification will not be permitted to participate.

6. A team shall forfeit any game in which it uses an ineligible player or a player participating under an assumed name. Individuals violating eligibility rules will be suspended from participation in intramurals pending an interview with the intramurals director.

7. Individuals ejected from a game for any reason will be suspended from all intramural programs pending an interview with the director of intramurals.

8. Individuals ejected from intramural play must leave the intramurals complex before play resumes. In the event that an ejected participant refuses to leave the complex, his or her team will forfeit that game.

9. Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed or served at any intramural activities. Any participants suspected to have consumed alcohol either before or during an activity will be ejected and dealt with accordingly.

10. Game time is forfeit time. Any team or individual that fails to be ready for a contest at the appointed time will forfeit to the opponent. In the event that neither team is ready, both teams will be given a forfeit loss.

11. Individuals may only play on one team per league.

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