Monmouth University Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine department's goal is to provide the highest quality of health care and maintain a safe environment in which Monmouth University student athletes will perform.  The focus will go beyond providing first aid to an overall service and education, which will provide wellness for the Monmouth University student athlete.

The Sports Medicine department has nine Certified Athletic Trainers to work with the over 500 student athletes in 23 intercollegiate sports at Monmouth University.  We work closely with four team physicians in addition to our team podiatrist, dentist and chiropractor.

The Athletic Training room located in Boylan Gymnasium is equipped with state-of-the-art modalities and rehabilitation equipment to ensure Monmouth's student athletes will return in a safe and timely manner.




Monmouth Sports Medicine Staff  

Simon Rosenblum, Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine

Vanessa Sweeney, Associate Director of Sports Medicine  
Nathan Miker, Head Football Athletic Trainer  
Chuck Whedon, Assistant Athletic Trainer  
Aaron Bottinick, Assistant Athletic Trainer  
Siobhan Huggins-Sullivan, Assistant Athletic Trainer  
Rob Kirste, Assistant Athletic Trainer  
Justy Daley, Assistant Athletic Trainer  
Kylie Hubeny, Assistant Athletic Trainer  
Nick Aguilera, Assistant Athletic Trainer  
Monmouth Team Physicians  
Dr. Christina Lusk-Cáceres, Primary Care  
Dr. Harry Bade,  Professional Orthopedics  
Dr. Gregg Foos, Professional Orhtopedics  
Dr. Brian Torpey, Professional Orthopedics  
Monmouth Team Specialists  
Dr. Greg Bordiuk, Team Podiatrist  
Dr. Vincent Foring, Ocean Township Dental  
Dr. Michael Goione, Navesink Chiropractic Center  
Dr. Joseph Conroy, Comprehensive Neuropsychological Specialities  

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